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The Back Hallway

We were both dressed up at a fancy event when our eyes met across the room. Even through the heads of waiters, expensive hairdos, and tinkling champagne glasses, I could clearly see his face. There was a bored but mischievous look in his eyes that said "I have a better idea. Let's get out of here." I smiled back with an equally mischievous look and nodded over to the back hallway. We both slipped out of the noisy room unnoticed. Shoes and a tie dropped to the floor in anticipation of a romantic rendezvous. Just as our lips met and our arms embraced, we stumbled into an unlocked room. There, instead of the privacy we were expecting, there were a couple dozen young eyes looking back at us. "Why is he carrying her like that?" called out a small voice. And then, he woke up.

Yep. It had all been a dream. My husband's dream. He had been having several dreams just like it for a few weeks now. Hmm...obviously I was missing something as a wife. 

Very tenderly the Lord showed me that I had been taking better care of my child than my husband. Even when he called home during work, the subject was always about something our child had been doing. At the end of the day, when my husband wanted some romantic time, I was too tired to spend it with him. The dreams were the cry of a husband for the attention and adoration of his wife. 

Oh and by the way, Jesus said that cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry were not exactly the ways I showed my husband I loved him, anymore than going to church showed Jesus that I loved him. So you mean to tell me what I think makes a good wife, isn't really that important, Lord? Then what is? 

Look back to the dream, he said. Your husband was the only one you had eyes for in that dream, even with all the other distractions around. And even in all those distractions, you were thinking of how to get closer and alone with him. Do you do that on a regular basis?

No sir. Mostly what I think about is what I'm going to be cooking for dinner tomorrow. 

I heard the Lord chuckle. Then he said, Let your husband know your thinking about him throughout the day. Do the things you used to do when you were still dating.

We used to sit for hours on the porch and talk about our dreams and our future. 

Well then, that's a start. 

So this week I've made a conscious effort to put the baby to sleep early and spend time on the porch with him, and I noticed that he naturally started talking about all the things he wanted to do this summer. I could see his whole countenance light up with excitement as he told me about his plans. And when a man's passion for life has been rekindled, a wife's passion for her husband is rekindled too. Let's just say all this dreaming talk led to some romantic rendezvous. The Lord was so right...go figure! 


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