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Guilty as Charged

A couple of friends and I have had conversations this week about the thing that seems to plague all women most of the time...guilt.

I feel guilty about standing my ground when I know I'm right. What if I hurt the other person's feelings? 
I feel guilty about honestly saying no when I don't want to do something.  What if I'm just being selfish?
I feel guilty about not attending every function I'm invited too. Or accepting every friend request on FB. Or smiling to every person I meet on my walks. 
I feel guilty about buying myself a new shirt. Or a new book. Shouldn't that money be used for something better?
I feel guilty for just wanting to be alone--a lot--instead of out partying it up with people. 
I feel guilty for sitting my kid in front of the TV for a few minutes while I write this. 
I feel guilty for just wanting a foot rub at the end of the day, and not a steamy evening of romance.
One of the Bible's name for our Enemy is "The Accuser"...boy does t…