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That Thing You Do

My husband hopped out of the car to pump gas, and a few minutes later hopped back in and handed me two yellow tubes of lip balm. I looked at him both confused and excited. 

"That's your favorite kind of lip balm, right?" he asked, confused at the look I was giving him.

"Yeah, but...I mean...thank you! It's just strange that you went out to pump gas and came back with these." I immediately popped one open and slathered it on, puckering goofedly in the mirror while bouncing happily in my seat. 

"Thank you, honey! You just made my whole day right here!"

Then I pulled up the middle console and tossed one tube inside and slipped the other one in my pocket. (After all, you can never have too much of this stuff!) I spent the rest of that afternoon on cloud nine over those two seemingly insignificant tubes of yellow lip balm!

There wasn't anything special or expensive about these little gifts in and of themselves. It's what they represented that made them so special. He thought of me and what I enjoyed as he was doing a very mundane task. He thought of me when he could have been thinking about anything else.  Fruit-flavored beeswax had transformed my husband into the greatest man in the world!

Husbands, find out what means the world to your wife and do that. You'll be surprised at how small of a gesture will fill up her love tank, and make you look like the sexiest man alive! Pay attention to what lights up her eyes. Does she like when you bring home flowers, would she prefer to spend some time chatting with you over coffee, or would she enjoy a night out with her girlfriends? Has she always dreamed of visiting Europe or the Grand Canyon? Is she just dying for you to take her ballroom dancing or whitewater rafting? 

Once you find out what she loves and you've done it again. I can't stress that enough. Make showing your wife affection a habit. Put it on your schedule at first if you have to.  Your birthday may not be a big deal to you, but I promise her birthday is a big deal to her. And anniversaries and kids birthdays too. Do something on these days to set them apart from every other day. 

If you have absolutely no idea where to start (like I do when I'm trying to figure out something special to do for my husband), I suggest reading "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. I try to skim the book once a year because there's always something I have to relearn.

Don't stress out about how to show your wife affection. We can tell when you're making an effort, and we love it! 


Heather said…
Ben & I were JUST talking about this!! Too funny. Our love languages have morphed over the years & now his is acts of service. I'm going to mull over these great ideas you've outlined for men & think of ways to serve MY man! As he's in the kitchen making his own dinner. *cringe* Thanks Sarah!!

Oh & the line, "Fruit-flavored beeswax had transformed my husband into the greatest man in the world!" made me laugh! :)
Sarah Heath said…
I'm so glad I could make you laugh :) It really is the best medicine! Yeah, I also think love languages evolve. I used to be words of affirmation, and now I'm acts of service. I wonder if it depends on what is happening in our life at the moment? Hmmm...

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