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Sister, Sister

I was taking a walk with one of my girlfriends.  We were just enjoying the fresh air, taking a break from studying and working, and listening as we told each other about life since we last met. There is nothing like another female presence to make you feel all girlie again--cooing at the babies in the playground, giggling at the cute guy jogging by, hearing another voice tell you "I know exactly how you feel," and raving about the newest deal you got at the store. It's just the sheer joy of sisterhood that can't be touched by any other relationship.

I still can't believe how I lived so much of my life without girlfriends. It wasn't by choice at first, it just so happened that all the kids on my block growing up were boys.  So I learned to play GI Joe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles without thinking twice about the fact that they were all male. But then as I grew into middle and high school I chose to hang out with my guy friends, well, because I was already …

Consumer Bride

When my mom was a new bride, she only had the clothes on her back and a sewing machine in her hand.  Everything else she either made, grew, or bartered for.  My mom worked as she went, putting an appliance on lay-away, finding fabric at thrift store, and all the while with an intense joy for seeing everything come together under her own hands.  She never swiped a credit card or took out a loan, and yet put herself through school and raised four kids.

I see so many new brides now, almost desperate in their desire to have everything right away. It only takes a credit card and the few months before the wedding to buy what took their parents 20, 30, or 40 years to collect. There is a sly whisper from every glossy home magazine and every extreme home makeover show: "You're only a good wife if you have those new leather parson chairs in the living room" or "Wouldn't that gilded chandelier look nice in the entry way?" or "Your china only works for the winter.…