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All in the Family

No matter what you may have seen in Disney movies or romantic films, Prince Charming does not carry off the Princess to live by themselves forever. When you marry your prince, you marry his family.  So choose wisely.

I was blessed to marry into Joseph's wondeful family.  He doesn't always see how great his family is, but let me tell you what I tell him about them. 

First there is my mom and dad in-law, who took me in as their daughter from the first time I went to visit them.  They have been married for over 25 years and still are very much in love with each other.  They have raised 7 boys. all home-schooled, and all incredibly smart, respectful young men.  They have an amazing ministry and an amazing life of testimony of God's goodness. And the best part is, for some reason, they genuinely like me!  Do we see eye to eye on everything? No. But I didn't expect that.  There are the differences of culture, geography, and age between us.  But they have been an immense sou…

In the Beginning

It all started at a youth group leadership meeting. I was sharing on "Heroes" and I asked everyone to find a partner and tell each other who their heroes were.  Everyone had paired up but me and this guys leader named Joseph. Our eyes met and he gave me the "will-you-be-my-partner-so-I-don't-feel-dumb-having-to-ask-for-one?" look. (Or atleast that's what I thought that look meant. It was only after we were married that he told me the look meant "Can-I-please-be-your-partner-because-you-are-the-cutest,-most-interesting-girl-I've-ever-heard-and-I'd-love-to-have-an-excuse-to-talk-to-you!") We had a conversation that I hardly remember, but that apparently stayed with him a long time.

Every Sunday and Wednesday after that, this small group leader kept asking me to come hang out with everybody after church, for lunch, or feeding the homeless.  I am extremely shy around new people, and I kept turning him down. I thought he was just trying to be n…


Much to the displeasure of my husband, I love country music. The stories, the twang, the guitars, the down-to-earth outlook on life. And when cleaning, cooking, or driving, I crank it up and sing along...usually when Joseph is not home.
One particular day about a year ago, I learned a lesson that began while listening to country music...
After a long day of work, Joe got home later than he said he would and then wasn't exactly thrilled about eating dinner. I know now that he was more thirsty than hungry, and probably more tired than both, but at the time I was really upset that my husband had not appreciated the effort I put into cleaning and making dinner.
Then he got on the computer and ignored me for a while.
And he left his shoes on when coming through the door, only taking them and his dirty socks off at the computer and leaving them on the floor.
Finally, when I asked him to take out the garbage several times, he was too busy being on the computer to hear me, so I just took it…