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My Help Comes From the Lord

This morning one of the little ones I watch was playing on the welcome mat in our place. He was wearing little boy sneakers, the kind with the velcro straps on them. He turned to crawl away to another toy, and found to his horror, that the welcome mat followed him. He let out a loud cry and continued to frantically crawl away from the brown and green monster. But each time he stopped, he found the thing followed him and would not give up pursuit. I tried to get his attention so I could help him, but he just kept crying and crawling around the dining room table.

It seems cruel, but I decided to just watch for a minute or two. I knew that he had more than enough strength to pull the mat off his shoe (he has carried much heavier things with ease.) So I wondered what it was that kept him from just pulling the silly thing off, or even, crawling to me so I could pull it off.

I just sat where I was and continued to call him to me, holding out my hands in invitation. But instead he gave up tr…

She Works Hard For the Money

I am the doer, the planner, the one who attends to every detail of, well, everything. You need a house cleaned, a kid babysat, some help packing and moving? I'm there.  I will put aside what I'm doing and drive to the rescue of a flat tire, a friend at the hospital, or stay up and listen to the latest heartbreak of a girlfriend's heart. Isn't that what a Christian woman is supposed to do?

At home, I am always cleaning, organizing, rearranging. I cook, I do laundry, I watch kids, I walk and wash the dog, I make out my meal menu, I buy groceries, I buy the shower or birthday gift for a friend, a give my husband a backrub, I remind him of where he left his keys. I am an efficient and organized machine. And at the end of the day, I may be tired, but hey, atleast my floors are spotless.

So enter first trimester of pregnancy, and suddenly every moment of every day I am either eating or sleeping. Even the thought of getting up to put a dish in the sink is nauseating. I did mus…