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Looking Back

We are in the middle of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. A time to look back at our year, and look forward to new things. It is a time of renewal and new beginnings.  Even Jesus celebrated this and all the Festivals when he was on earth, so I have taken some time during this festival to think about all the wonderful things the Lord has done.

When Joseph and I were still courting, neither of us had any money to get married. He had been given a pay cut at work, his roommates had all lost their jobs, and payment on the house was overdue. Somehow he saved up enough money for a ring, and we began to plan the wedding date. We both wanted a simple occasion. No frills. But as I researched even homemade, DIY weddings, I could see the expenses growing, and I had no idea how we were going to pull it off.

To top things off, the week before the wedding, Joseph's car died, and I was taking him to work every day. Then, when I was planning the flowers at a mentor's house, my car died in th…

I Think a Change Would Do You Good

Ah yes! Autumn!  Although in the south it's still a hot and humid 91 degrees, I can feel September beginning and fall approaching by the way the sun looks in the sky. Here and there the leaves are starting to change color, and I have just been invited to my first apple-picking expedition of the season.

This is my favorite season of all. Although, if I think about it, every new season is my favorite season. I love the change to winter and all its holiday glamour. I love to see the earth come to life under the warmth of a spring sun, and then bud and blossom into summer. Really, how boring would life be without the changing seasons?

As human beings, we are so opposed to change, aren't we? A new policy at work, a new class change at school, a move to another location. We dread and try to avoid it.

But where would life be without change? Isn't a butterfly that much more magnificent because it changes from a caterpillar? And if a child didn't grow and change, we would con…