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Merci Beaucoup!

There is only one phrase that Joseph and I use more in our everyday lives than "I love you"...

"Thank you."

Sometimes, I-love-you's are quick, sometimes we say them without thinking, and sometimes we say them even when we don't mean them or to fill a gap in conversation.

But "Thank you" is different.

I can't say "thank you" without actually meaning it. Thank you for working so hard for us, thank you for being tender when I don't feel good, thank you for picking up that big pile of dog poop on the porch. For not leaving toothpaste blobs on the sink or pee on the toilet seat, for encouraging me to write, for being super excited about being a daddy. Thank you for teaching me new things with patience, for holding my hand while walking through Lowe's, for treating me like a lady even infront of your guy friends. For all the big and small things you do every day.

And when Joseph says it to me, my whole day is made.

Last night we were w…

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My Husband, the Stranger

I was at a prayer meeting last week with Joseph, when a moment came when I realized just how much I still had to learn about my husband. One of the guys started sharing about his struggles, and Joseph too opened up and shared about how he shared a similar struggle.



How come I had never heard about this?

Suddenly the man next to me became a completely different man. As he talked, I found myself seeing him almost as a stranger again...but in a good way. I realized how very little I know about Joseph, and I was all at once in love with a deep part of him I had never known and ashamed at myself for never asking about it.

A couple months ago, I had a similar experience. I was sharing with Joseph about how much I loved our dog. Joseph had gotten her as a puppy just a couple weeks after we lost our first baby. She has been my constant companion and source of laughs ever since. I thanked him for getting her because I had needed her during those hard months of depression.  Joseph repli…