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Go Create!

I was soaking in the tub a few days ago, admiring my big belly and dreaming about the little person inside, when my thoughts turned to how amazing even that very moment was. I was taking part in the very act of creating life even as I breathed in and out! The sheer wonder of that covered and filled me and all I could do for a while was marvel at the beauty and wisdom of my Creator. What an honor to be a woman! What an honor to be carrying a baby! What an honor that the Lord doesn't just have babies pop out of the ground or grow out of cabbage heads. They develop and form IN us, and most days I don't even realize what a miracle that is!

Then I started thinking about one of the most wondrous creations of all--myself! There is no one else like me. No one that loves the things I do or can do the things I can do. I started to get excited when the Lord started to show me that I could do whatever I wanted to do. I could open a food business with my love of cooking, or an organizing bu…

Sacred Vows

I was chatting with a friend about the state of marriages in our world today, and we were both so saddened and frustrated by it. She is single, and she feels that every day her hope for a beautiful relationship diminishes. All around her married people are cheating on each other, leaving each other, and going on to the next spouse seemingly without any remorse. What is the point of even being married in a world like that?

I was raised by a very old-fashioned mom who taught me a lot of things that I resented in my youth and now am so thankful for. Without either of us realizing it, my mom did a great job of teaching me discretion, graciousness, and tact. And I have recently come to find that these things all stem from a deep understanding of what things are sacred and intimate and to be treated with extra respect.

There are many subjects in our American culture that should have been kept sacred that have become public. We don't even notice it anymore, because we are surrounded by it…

Happy Birthday!

Marriage Is Not for Wimps turned 1 year old last week! I honestly never thought I could carry something this far without getting bored, but all your encouragement, support, and feedback has kept my love of writing going. You all are some of the best readers, and I look forward to another year of sharing married life with you!

I do apologize for going over a month without writing anything. I'm at the very end of my pregnancy and the nesting instinct has taken over, so all I want to do is clean, organize, and stock food and baby things like it's the end of the world!  But I certainly want to make sure I write about the many joys and challenges of being married and pregnant before my little person comes into the world. Because then, it will be a whole different story!

Here's to another year of Marriage!