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Mamma Mia

The house was quiet. The fire was warm. The coffee sweet and creamy. The sun peeked out behind the changing leaves of an autumn morning. My mom was sitting next to me and we were quietly chatting about the day’s plans. I felt like a little kid again. Like I wasn’t married, or had a child of my own, or had even ever left home. It was nice for a moment to be my mother’s daughter and to simply enjoy the simple things we loved to do together.
My mom and I had always been very close when I was a child. I was her only daughter. She was my hero. I remember the sound of her voice singing me to sleep as a very young child and reading me books as I got older. I remember the smell of fresh laundry as she took it off the line and the smell of her perfume when I snuggled up to her on the couch. I remember the late nights she spent helping me study for a spelling test or holding me when I was too sick to sleep. But as I grew into a teenager, we started to drift apart. I had very different ideas of …

Opposites Attract

There are many moments when Joseph and I look at each other and wonder how we ever became friends, much less spouses! We are as different as two people can be.

For example, Joseph likes to play during the day and get work done at night. Many times I have been heading to bed when he has just started to pull out his tools to start a project. Ugh! 

I like to wake up early and get my work done and then relax in the afternoon and go to bed early. My poor husband has been pulled out of a deep sleep many mornings by a very energetic wife ready to start the day! 
Is it fast, high, and dangerous? Then Joseph considers it relaxing. My idea of relaxing is, well, relaxing. Not inducing a heart attack. I prefer a card game, a cup of coffee, or my journal. 
I could be alone all day and be happy as can be. My husband would curl up into a ball and die without people around him. 

When Joseph considers a purchase, his first question is "Is it fun?" My first question is "Is it necessary?"…

Great Expectations

I was frustrated. Every time I put my paddle in the water, the voice behind me would tell me I was paddling too fast or too slow or too crooked or too straight. The voice was my husband's, sitting in the back of the kayak with Lydia sitting in her carrier on his chest. I muttered that he could paddle his own darn boat if he was gonna be so picky. But he didn't hear me and instead fussed at me for not putting my paddle in the water enough. After the umpteenth time of being told what I was doing wrong I slapped the paddle on the water and snapped, "Leave me alone!" His reaction was to repeat all the wrong things he saw I was doing in a louder tone. Thanks, man! Like I didn't hear them the first time.

I was used to steering a canoe full of campers who didn't know their left from their right. I always knew where we were going and how long it would take to get there and back, and where to avoid rocks and shallow water. I knew how to tell my camper in the front when…