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Public Displays of Affection

During the Thanksgiving Joseph and I were engaged, I was chatting with my future mom-in-law at the kitchen counter. This was the second time we had met and the first time we had really gotten to spend some time together. The topic was, of course, the wedding, and how Joseph and I had met. My dad-in-law overheard us talking and stepped in to enjoy the part when Mom was telling me about meeting him. Their eyes met and they exchanged loving glances across the counter. They grinned at each other like a pair of newlyweds. (You know that scene in West Side Story, when Tony and Maria see each other on the dance floor and suddenly the crowd around them fades to black and it's only the two of them singing to each other? Yeah. It was like that.) I giggled and slid quietly off the bar stool and let them have their moment. They celebrated 30 years of marriage last month. 

Just this past weekend, Joseph and I were holding hands and enjoying the sights and sounds of Christmas at the mall when a …