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Some of the times I cherish the most in my marriage are the late-night talks, when my husband shares his dreams and his fears with me. Or the candid moments I catch him from the other room, rocking and singing the baby to sleep. Or simply when I'm putting things away, and I find a note or a letter he has written to the Lord, or someone has written to thank him for his help. It's those moments that remind me of the treasure I am married to. It solidifies even further my respect for him. And it's also in those moments that I am most attracted to him.

There is nothing that endears a woman more to a man than seeing into the depths of his heart. Husbands, I wish I could show you what your wife sees when you share the deepest part of yourself with her. She does not see weakness or failure. She doesn't see that you have fallen short of perfection yet again. She sees more strength in your tears, in your apology, in your confession of helplessness, than you will ever know. When …

Lean On Me

She was screaming. She wouldn't nurse. She didn't want to be held. She didn't want to lie on anything. It was 1 A.M. I was still in that groggy, irritable mode one is in for a few minutes after having had one's sleep suddenly disturbed. "What is it?" I said out loud to her, "What's wrong?" Exasperated, I not-so-gently lay her on the changing table to check her diaper, her toes, her fingers, behind her ears--anywhere she may have a bite, a cut, or a bruise that wouldn't be easily seen. I picked her up to rock her and instead of leaning on my shoulder like she usually does, she went rigid and I nearly dropped her. My anger had turned to fear. Hot tears welled up as I tried to hold on to her while I hummed a song. I didn't know what else to do. I was trying to pray, but I was tired, and worse, I felt completely alone. I should wake Joseph up, I thought, but he's worked so hard all week, and has to get up early. But by this time I was in…

Happy Birthday!

This month is Marriage is Not for Wimp's 2nd birthday!! I said it last year and it's still true this year...I did not think this blog would make it this far. And yet I continue to get emails about how much the stories and lessons mean to you, my readers. It keeps me encouraged and keeps me inspired to share more. This past year I did not get to post as often as I wanted, since I was off having babies and moving from place to place. It looks like we have settled into one place, at least for a while, and so I look forward to another year of stories and lessons with you! Thanks for reading!