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Fuzzy Bathrobe Wisdom

If you noticed a lack of posts last week, it's because I was congested and even the thought of staring at a bright computer screen made my head hurt. Every morning I would peel myself out of bed, wrap myself in my fuzzy bathrobe and shuffle out to the kitchen to make a pot of hot tea before starting my day. Then I would ignore the dog, the baby (ok, not really, I just made sure she didn't see me from her crib), and my to-do list to sit down for a few minutes of cozy warmth on the couch. After the 3rd morning or so of doing this, I thought to myself "Why don't I do this more often?"

One of those evenings I was so tired and cold and groggy, I asked Joseph to run me a bath and I nearly fell asleep in the almost-too-hot water. It was heaven! I held my achy head and sinuses under the steamy stuff and blocked out all the noise of the day. Only 20 minutes later, I was re-energized and my sinuses were clearer and I realized this had been my first bath since right before L…

The Spirit of Boyfriends Past

It's funny the things that come up for conversation when you find yourself in a car with your spouse for a couple hours every week. Joseph and I have laughed and cried with each other and discovered things about each other we never knew we didn't know. 

Last night's conversation was sparked by a couple of dating and relationship videos we had watched in class a few hours before. We began talking about what we thought about each man's point of view, and ended up sharing the horror stories of some of our past experiences with dating. It made for a fun ride home. But it also made for some moments of realization...
1) We learned something from each of our relationships. While we both dated individuals we would rather try to forget, each of us was marked by people who changed us in good ways. Personally, a few of the guys I dated were also dear friends. They stayed up late with me studying, fixed my car, encouraged me at work, and made me a part of their families. Through the…