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Life as I Know It

It seems everyone got to go somewhere for Spring Break. Florida, California, Mexico, South Africa. Everyone around me is off doing something somewhere warm and sunny. This is the time of year Joseph and I normally have also taken for the hills, literally. Our anniversary is only 2 days away and we usually rent a cabin in the mountains and enjoy a relaxing weekend. Not this year...bummer! We have extra expenses, some unforeseen and last minute.

So here I am, longing to be off somewhere exotic and fun. Longing to travel and see new things. I was quite disappointed and feeling left out of the excitement. I was sharing all this with God and I heard him say to my heart Sarah, love, look around you. You are living the life a lot of people wish they could. 

Huh? Daddy, my life is far from exotic and fun. I'm a stay-at-home mom. The most exciting part of my day is driving to the grocery store. 

But there as I was folding towels in the laundry room, the Lord turned on a little light in my hea…