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Me, Myself, and I

I'm in Pittsburgh this week, sitting in a lovely hotel room, sipping hot coffee by the light of an open window, while my dog and baby play on the blanket at my feet. Last night Joseph ordered room service and ate his amazing dessert while watching hockey on the king-sized bed. 

It's not that we paid hundreds of dollars for our room or planned months in advance for this trip. A few days ago, Joseph told me that he was going to be working in Pittsburgh again this week, and instead of moping about him being gone, I said, "Maybe we can join you!" My husband gave me a surprised look but said "Sure!" I had packed all three of us girls up that same evening and we were headed out the next morning. And in a way that is not characteristic of me at all, I chose to take unknown backroads in order to avoid paying the tolls, instead of taking the tried and true freeway. 

As I was driving past lovely farmland and hills and over rivers, with my two girls sleeping in the back…

The Same, But Different

Joseph and I recently celebrated four years of happily ever after! We didn't do anything super-romantic for our anniversary but we did spend time marveling at how much has happened in these few short years and chuckling at how much we've changed! 

For instance, both my family and my in-laws have visited us this past month, and I haven't felt the need to clean and organize until my fingers fall off! I had to force myself to be okay with my messy room and with no guestroom set up, but I did, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I had with them instead.
I've been enjoying painting and sanding and working-out in front of other people. That's huge! Pre-Joseph Sarah spent time reading in her room or out for a walk by herself. 
You know that ad right after the previews but before the actual movie when they give the whole bit about not using your cellphones? I turned to Joseph and said "That just makes me want to pull out my cellphone and text someone right now!" To wh…


Sometimes you gotta stop writing about your life long enough to actually live it...that's what March was like for us this year. Our munchkin turned one year old, my family was in town, we had our anniversary, and we took a weekend trip. On top of the drama of our car getting totaled and the sewer backing up...twice.  The weather even got nice enough on some days to do some fun furniture refinishing on the porch. And of course we have a lot more events to go to now that Spring has officially arrived.

I have kicked myself for not taking more pictures of all these activities, and not being as disciplined with my recording of these events and memories as I'd like to. But I'm doing my best. I've taken more pictures now then I ever have in my life (probably because Lydia's life is so full of firsts). And I started earlier this year to write daily in my journal again...something I stopped doing regularly because of all this moving business. I even started a journal to Lyd…