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The Other Woman

Mothers-in-law get a lot of bad rap in our society. So I want to tip the scales the other way some and brag on my mom-in-law for a bit. (And in case you're wondering, I've already written a couple of posts on my own mom, so I'm not leaving her out. She is an amazing woman who also had a great relationship with her mother-in-law.)

This past summer was an incredibly lonely one for me. I packed up 18 years of life into the back of a U-haul and said good-bye to my family and friends. I didn't realize at the time how little Lydia still was, how much healing my body still had to do, and how crazy my hormones still were. The night we moved into our new home I was completely overwhelmed by exhaustion and the full realization that I was not going to be going home tonight. I looked at my 6 week-old baby, at the empty house, and at all the boxes laying on the floor and I broke down in tears. Why had I agreed to this? Why did I ever leave home? 
But I was not completely alone in tha…

Long Silences

I am sitting at the kitchen table this morning with my husband. We are sipping on hot coffee, listening to worship music, and doing some of the things we both love to do. He is sketching out his vision for our house on paper and I am writing for my blog. He'll ask me occasionally for my input and I'll do the same. It is a beautiful, and sadly, rare moment in our household. But I'm learning that these are the moments that matter the most in our marriage. 

I've noticed so many marriages that end after one or both spouses has retired and the children have left the house. We have filled our lives with so much activity and "doing-ness" that when we suddenly find ourselves alone with our spouses, we realize that they are complete strangers to us. And all the quirks that we once overlooked because we were distracted with other things, are now the very things we can't stand. I saw it happen in my parents and I've seen it happen in my friends' parents. How …

The Back Hallway

We were both dressed up at a fancy event when our eyes met across the room. Even through the heads of waiters, expensive hairdos, and tinkling champagne glasses, I could clearly see his face. There was a bored but mischievous look in his eyes that said "I have a better idea. Let's get out of here." I smiled back with an equally mischievous look and nodded over to the back hallway. We both slipped out of the noisy room unnoticed. Shoes and a tie dropped to the floor in anticipation of a romantic rendezvous. Just as our lips met and our arms embraced, we stumbled into an unlocked room. There, instead of the privacy we were expecting, there were a couple dozen young eyes looking back at us. "Why is he carrying her like that?" called out a small voice. And then, he woke up.

Yep. It had all been a dream. My husband's dream. He had been having several dreams just like it for a few weeks now. Hmm...obviously I was missing something as a wife. 

Very tenderly the Lord…