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Lessons From a Wedding

He was the best man. I was the maid of honor. He was 23. I was 21. We met at the rehearsal dinner and hit it off instantly. We joked and danced and discussed nerdy topics during the entire reception. Then he asked me to dinner (very cliche, I know) and I said yes. 

Our evening was lovely: sushi and a glass of wine, walking through the twinkling streets of downtown with my arm in his, stopping for an espresso at an artsy cafe. Laughter and starlight and music and warm summer air. He was the perfect gentleman. I felt like a queen. At the end of the night, he kissed my forehead, saying he was glad to know there were girls out there who who were beautiful and smart and not afraid to be themselves. We hugged goodbye and parted as kindred spirits. We remained friends for a long time after that. 
This is such a contrast to the rules of dating I've been taught: A girl alone with a guy all night? Dressing up? Wine? Going out on the town? And if he was so perfect, why didn't I end up marr…