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The Strong, Silent Type

A lot of times as a woman, especially being firstborn, I have a tendency to treat my husband like my child or my little brother. I question his decisions and belittle his feelings without understanding who he really is. I mistake his silence for apathy, irresponsibility, or lack of affection. But Dr. Leman reminds me, in his book Have a New Husband by Friday: "we men are simple, but we are not simpleminded." 

Joseph is a pretty simple human being. His diet consists of Chipotle. His Starbucks drink is a Chai latte. He can wear the same shirt for a few days and not mind. When I head to the store, I know exactly what kind of cereal, or soap, or socks to get him. He's as low-maintenance as they come. 

But when I sit down next to him on the porch and force myself to not say a word, a very complex Joseph begins to emerge. It may take a few minutes for him to open up, but when he does, I always kick myself for not listening to him more often. My husband has a depth of love for pe…