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Looking For Mr. Right

I sat in the auditorium along with the other 300 freshmen waiting for our first 8AM class. The air was buzzing with the chatter of expectant voices. I breathed in the excitement of the crowd and turned to my new friend Rebecca in the seat next to me, "Just think. Somewhere in this crowd are our future husbands!" We both giggled and sighed longingly.

Our freshman year passed by, and so did many upperclassmen bachelors. I made every attempt to sit next to guys in the cafeteria, but none were interested in me.

Sophomore year seemed to bring renewed promise of a future mate, as one of the guys professed his interest in me. Although I was not at all attracted to him and barely knew him, I thought maybe God knew better and so agreed to start a relationship. What resulted was a very miserable me and a very messy break-up.

Junior year I had a couple of sweet guy friends whom I was secretly madly in love with...or so I thought. I asked to go everywhere with them and do things for them a…