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Lessons in Pink

Last night, I painted Lydia's little toes, put the cap back on the bottle, and forgot about it. A few minutes later, Joseph and I looked over to see her holding the empty bottle in her hand...up-side down. Bright pink oozed down her legs and onto the couch. 

I had a choice that moment, to clean her off and when she was older, teach her how to use it properly. Or to get angry, spank her, and tell her she was a bad girl. I was frustrated at having to clean up another mess, but the Holy Spirit reminded me that Lydia was still learning. She had no idea opening the bottle would cause a problem. She was acting out of childlike curiosity, not out of sinful rebellion.

This morning the Lord brought to mind this passage in Psalm 103:
Just as a father has compassion on his children, Adonai has compassion on those who fear him. For he understands how we are made, he remembers that we are dust.
We make messes all the time. Some of them are created by sin, but I believe most of our mistakes are just t…

How I Met Your Father

I was standing awkwardly in the the foyer before service, taking my time putting sugar in my coffee to make it seem less obvious that I didn't know anyone. I was a few years out of school, working my first real office job, having plenty of money to buy a nice, new wardrobe, but feeling completely empty inside. I was desperately lonely. Bible college and all its activities had been a life-changing and beautiful time. But the real world was sucking me dry and I was beginning to feel it. And to make life worse, the relationship I was currently in was beginning to turn out to be something far different than I expected.

My thoughts were interrupted by a man who walked up to me and introduced himself as the youth pastor. As we chatted, he learned that I had studied Youth Ministry in college and immediately invited me to be a part of his team of youth leaders. Before I could tell him I'd think about it, he had pulled a young man out of the crowd and introduced him to me. "This is…