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Do Unto Others

I recently read an article about all the sweet things a guy did for a girl in order to get her attention. In the end they got married and now live happily ever after.  Awesome! Totally happy for them!

When I was in Bible college, I would watch many young unmarried guys hold doors and carry heavy items for the girls they liked, hoping to catch the eye of one of them. And we single girls would go out of our way to do something for a guy we liked:  helping him study for a test or baking a batch of his favorite kind of cookie. 

But what about doing stuff for a guy or girl you can't marry?

What about helping a young mother load groceries while she gets her children into the car?

Or baking cookies for the weird guy at work no one talks to?

My dear single brothers and sisters, don't let your attention fall only on the young men or women whom you can get a date out of, but use your strength also for those who can give you nothing in return: the too-old, the too-young, the already-married.…