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I Need You

"It's taken us a long time to get here, but I've enjoyed the journey with you."

In just a few precious words, my husband summed up all the ups and downs of our past few years together. We were sharing a quiet moment cuddled close, and I could hear his heartbeat. Why, oh why, were moments like these not more common with us? It felt just like it did when we were first dating. As if our marriage had come full circle in some way. I could feel my heart and mind rest in that moment, not worried about the next. This is how it should always be. I had lost sight of that somewhere along the way. We both had.

I need my husband. And it wasn't until I came to that realization in my heart that I was able to open up to him and be vulnerable. I'm such an independent person. I am the one who anyone can call to be there for them. But in being that person with my husband, I was robbing him of being there for me. 

I need my husband. Not in a co-dependent way, but in a he-makes-me-a…

Stranger in a Strange Land

I went home to visit last month. My dear, southern hometown filled with the sound of cicadas and the sweet smell of pine. It was good to see familiar faces and visit old stomping grounds. The time spent there with old friends and family is never long enough. 

But for the first time since I had left home, I felt like a visitor coming back. Maybe it was the fact that so many of my friends are living life, and getting married, and raising babies without me. Maybe it's the fact that I had gotten used to the cooler weather up north. Whatever it was, my life in Ohio felt more like home than my life in South Carolina...and I couldn't believe it. 

Something in my heart felt released at that moment. As if I had been grieving the loss of my home for the last two years, and had just now come to terms with it. I will always have my sweet friends and my family and part of my heart there, but here and now is where my home is. Where the Lord has us. With my husband and my little girl. Geograph…