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First Day of Love

Among all the encouraging comments I've get on my blog there is always that one that likes to throw me off balance. They are negative and while not rude, they do make me wonder why I even bother to keep writing. When I first read them, I get angry and defensive. Why are these people reading my blog anyway?! But then I realize, they come from a woman's heart who has lost all hope of ever regaining friendliness much less romance in her marriage. My heart weeps for these women. I am a child of such a marriage and I know first-hand the effects of living in a home with a loveless marriage. 

It's to you dear woman that I write today. 
You deserve more. You deserve to be loved and cherished because you were made by One who loves and cherishes you.
But you cannot do it alone. You cannot suffer in your self-made cage of bitterness and remorse. There is no encouragement there. There is no healing there. There is no changing anything in there.
If you have resigned yourself to "nothi…