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Renaissance Woman

When I was little I wanted to be a figure-skater like Nancy Kerrigan, spinning gracefully in bejeweled dresses.

I also wanted to be BA like Xena Warrior Princess and ride and wield a sword and do it all while still looking awesome!

I wanted to be the Yellow Ranger and magically morph into a karate master who helped save the world!

I wanted to be a Girl Scout, an astronaut, a journalist, a softball player, a professional pianist, and a marine biologist.

But a lot of times life gets in the way of dreams, doesn't it? Parents who worked hard just to keep bread on the table have no time or money for practices or recitals or uniforms. Parents who divorce have no energy left for struggling teens or for putting young people through yet more schooling.

So I find myself now, at 31 and with my own child, wanting to learn some of the things that I should have learned half a life-time ago. Like knitting, or gardening, or dance, or the guitar. I find myself scouring the internet for classes on …