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That Thing You Do

My husband hopped out of the car to pump gas, and a few minutes later hopped back in and handed me two yellow tubes of lip balm. I looked at him both confused and excited. 

"That's your favorite kind of lip balm, right?" he asked, confused at the look I was giving him.

"Yeah, but...I mean...thank you! It's just strange that you went out to pump gas and came back with these." I immediately popped one open and slathered it on, puckering goofedly in the mirror while bouncing happily in my seat. 

"Thank you, honey! You just made my whole day right here!"

Then I pulled up the middle console and tossed one tube inside and slipped the other one in my pocket. (After all, you can never have too much of this stuff!) I spent the rest of that afternoon on cloud nine over those two seemingly insignificant tubes of yellow lip balm!

There wasn't anything special or expensive about these little gifts in and of themselves. It's what they represented that made t…


My daughter and I make it out to the zoo once a week, rain, shine, or snow. It's a safe, fun, and outdoor environment for her and a peaceful retreat for me. Even as little as she is, I can tell she loves being there, taking in every new sight and smell and noise. Every time we go, we see and learn something new. Sometimes there's new babies. Sometimes a zoo volunteer is having a "meet and greet" with a snake or a hedgehog. And my favorite: sometimes catching a school group on a field trip and following them around with their tour guide while they learn. 

Today we were pleasantly surprised by the polar bears. These guys are usually napping or hiding, but today they were in the water playing with their giant floating toys. Lydia and I watched in wonder as one in particular kept coming to see us, pressing his whole body against the glass to look straight at us or "chasing" us as he swam from one end of the tank to the other alongside us. I'm not sure who wa…