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The Frog Prince

This is one of those posts that I am always relearning. Lol! I do love my manly man! 

He is not your girlfriend.

He will not sit and watch girly movies with you every night. He will not assure you that you look skinny in that dress.  He will not notice your new hair cut, or purse, or pair of shoes. He will not care who's dating or marrying or having who's baby. He will not hold your purse or your shopping bags at the mall. He will not share his food at the restaurant or the movie theater. Get your own. He will not order a salad when there's a perfectly good steak available. 

He is a man. He will sit on the couch and play video games for hours. He will go out and have a beer with his buddies.  He'll shave and leave the hair all over the bathroom sink. He will burp, and fart, and scratch, and readjust his man parts. He will ask you if it's "that time of month" whenever you start crying.
There comes a day when every woman realizes her Prince Charming is less charming and m…

Becoming His Best Friend

Last week my husband was showing me how to drive our new ride-on lawn mower. I was a little nervous to get on by myself, but an hour later I was happily cutting grass all over our property! It made me think of how many things I've learned from my husband that I was once too scared to do. And it reminded me of this post I wrote 4 years ago that still is true for our marriage today...

I am by no means "one of the boys." I am not competitive. I have no problem being called a wimp if I decide not to jump off, over, or onto something. I prefer to sit on the sidelines and cheer, or read a book, or daydream while someone else tackles, slides, or kicks their way to a goal. But my husband is one of 7 boys, and he certainly is competitive, and he does like to climb and crawl and relishes every minute of it. As much as I love to watch him strut his stuff out on the field, or on a skateboard, or on the water, I know he loves it when I do these things with him. I groan, I mumble…

Fear and Marriage

I originally published this 4 years ago. I came across it again today and felt it needed restating. I don't think any of us is ready for marriage. It can be hard, lonely, boring, overwhelming, and chaotic. But to grow and learn with another human being? There's no closer friendship than that. 

When I was 18, the last thing on my mind was marriage. I was going to be a single woman the rest of my life, serve as a missionary in India, live in a grass hut, and adopt all my children. I could not stand the thought of any man running my life, or worse using up my best years and then leaving me for someone younger. I walked through high school and most of college with an iron shield around my heart, determined to make any interested guy's life miserable. I was not going to end up like my parents, so I wasn't going to give in to any romantic notions.

Even if my husband didn't end up leaving me, it would be hell to live with a man anyway. I would be stuck at washing his smelly…